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A Series
System Q


984 Series

mitsubishi FX fx0n


 Mitsubishi FX0N40ETDSS 

Mitsubishi FX FX0N FX0N40ETDSS

24V Extension Unit, 24DC In /16 Transistor Out
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 Mitsubishi FX0N40MR 

Mitsubishi FX FX0N FX0N40MR

Programmable Logic Controller 50/60HZ AC85-26V
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 Mitsubishi FX0N40MRD12 

Mitsubishi FX FX0N FX0N40MRD12

12V Base Unit, 24DC In /16 Relay Out (J)
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 Mitsubishi FX0N40MRES 

Mitsubishi FX FX0N FX0N40MRES

Base Unit AC 24DC Input 16 Relay Output
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 Mitsubishi FX0N40MRES-UL 

Mitsubishi FX FX0N FX0N40MRES-UL

AC Base Unit 100-240V AC 24Inputs 16Output
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 Mitsubishi FX0N40MRUA1UL 

Mitsubishi FX FX0N FX0N40MRUA1UL

AC Base Unit, 24AC In /16 Relay Out
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 Mitsubishi FX0N40MT 

Mitsubishi FX FX0N FX0N40MT

PLC Output Module Extension
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 Mitsubishi FX0N40MTDSS 

Mitsubishi FX FX0N FX0N40MTDSS

DC Base Unit 24DC In /16 Transistor Out
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 Mitsubishi FX0N485ADP 

Mitsubishi FX FX0N FX0N485ADP

RS485 Communication Adaptor
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 Mitsubishi FX0N60MR001 

Mitsubishi FX FX0N FX0N60MR001

Programmable Controller Base Unit 85-264VAC
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 Mitsubishi FX0N60MRES 

Mitsubishi FX FX0N FX0N60MRES

Base Unit 60VA 100-240V AC 50/60HZ
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