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A Series
System Q


984 Series

mitsubishi FX fx2n


 Mitsubishi FX2N64DNET 

Mitsubishi FX FX2N FX2N64DNET

Device Ethernet Slave Interface
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 Mitsubishi FX2N64MR 

Mitsubishi FX FX2N FX2N64MR

PLC Base Unit 85-264VAC 60VA 50/60HZ
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 Mitsubishi FX2N64MRDS 

Mitsubishi FX FX2N FX2N64MRDS

24V Base Unit, 32 DC In /32 Relay Out
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 Mitsubishi FX2N64MRESUL 

Mitsubishi FX FX2N FX2N64MRESUL

Base Unit 32 DC Input 32 Relay Output 85-264VAC
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 Mitsubishi FX2N64MRUA1-UL 

Mitsubishi FX FX2N FX2N64MRUA1-UL

AC Base Unit, 32 AC In /32 Relay Out
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 Mitsubishi FX2N64MS 

Mitsubishi FX FX2N FX2N64MS

AC Base Unit, 32 DC In /32 TRIAC Out(J)
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 Mitsubishi FX2N64MT 

Mitsubishi FX FX2N FX2N64MT

PLC Module AC Base Unit 32 DC Input 32Transistor Output
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 Mitsubishi FX2N64MTD 

Mitsubishi FX FX2N FX2N64MTD

FX2N DC PLC, 32 In /32 TR Out (Sink)
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 Mitsubishi FX2N64MTDSS 

Mitsubishi FX FX2N FX2N64MTDSS

24V Base Unit, 32 DC In /32 Transistor Out
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 Mitsubishi FX2N64MTESS-UL 

Mitsubishi FX FX2N FX2N64MTESS-UL

AC Base Unit, 32 DC In /32 Transistor Out
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